Wireless Model Train Control

Monocacy Trains has developed a wireless module for controlling model train locomotives. Using the power of Bluetooth, you can put yourself in the locomotive like never before.  Install our module and within minutes you will unlock a new level of control, responsiveness and possibility. The control apps, available for iOS and Android, are free and there is no wiring beyond the module connection. Take your model train to the next level!

The Module

  • Small in size, yet packed with functionality (Dimensions: 67 mm x 17mm x 5mm)
  • Proudly designed, developed and manufactured in the USA
  • Powered through the track or a battery
  • Compatible with iOS and Android phones and tablets running Bluetooth Smart 4.0 or above. This includes the iPhone 4s and newer, iPad 3 and newer and the iPod Touch 5th generation and newer.
  • Add realism to your model train set without additional wiring beyond installing our module
  • Compatible with most HO and some N gauge locomotives
  • Simple installation
  • Supports up to two light or accessory outputs





The App – You’ll Love It

In designing this module our main goal was simplicity. Monocacy Trains believes technology should make things easier as well as better - so that's what we did. Simply connect a couple wires in your locomotive and download the free app. It's really that easy!

  • Automatic module discovery and setup
  • Name and photo-tag locomotives to add a personal touch
  • Realistic engine (idle, moving and stop), horn and bell sounds for both diesel and steam locomotives
  • Control engines and up to 2 optional outputs per locomotive, e.g. lights
  • Control 2-position turnouts/switches and up to 2 optional outputs per switch, e.g. lights
  • Customize locomotives settings such acceleration rate and maximum throttle
ios-app-store android-app-store

Highly Compatible

Have you been searching for one control platform for all of your trains - regardless of manufacturer - well look no further. Developed to be the easiest to use, most versatile and highly capable model train control platform ever. Works with most DC motor trains, DCC integrated and compatible with your existing track and power supply.

Modules available for popular gauges including O, S-scale, and HO . There is no limit on the number of locomotives that can be operating using the Monocacy Trains system.


Locomotives are Just the Beginning…

The beauty of this system is that the power and capability is in the smart device. The ability to add modules for scenery and track switches is just down the track. With additional modules, the possibilities are endless. All with nothing more than a few taps and swipes of your finger!